Google should use AI in agri, weather prediction, healthcare: Ravi Shankar Prasad

Communications and IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad (File photo)Minister of Communications and Electronics & Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad on ...
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Incnut Digital raises $4 million in series A funding led by RPSG Ventures

Illustration: Rahul AwasthiMedia and e-commerce startup Incnut Digital has raised around $4 million (approx Rs 30 crore) in a Series ...
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8 Team Member Types Test Your Entrepreneur Leadership

The most valuable assets of a new startup are the people on the team, and the most challenging task of ...
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Growing up, I thought the price asked was the price. The only decision was whether or not you wanted to ...
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As e-learning takes hold, creators flock to startups

Professionals looking to set up e-learning businesses quickly are flocking to startups like Knorish and Invanto, and earning big money ...
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Useful Courses For Startup Entrepreneurs

What matters is changing! The job market used to value university degrees above all else. Once you graduated you were ...
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The 5 Types of Business Promotion (& How To Use Them To Boost Your Brand)

There are five different ways to effectively promote your business. These include public relations, sales promotion, advertising, direct marketing and ...
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How to Move From Startup to Established Company

In the first six months of 2020, more than 338,000 start-ups have been launched in Britain. This staggering number reflects ...
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7 Reasons to Quit Smoking During Your Vacation

Quitting smoking is something you can’t just take a break from. No, truly breaking up with cigarettes for good is ...
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Four Things to Think About When Relocating Businesses

When running a small business, there may come an exciting time when one realizes that the current situation simply isn’t ...
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How This Nigerian Entrepreneur Built A Business Worth Over $5 Million Dollars

Success largely comes from exploiting opportunities you find yourself open to through work, meeting people, studying, or even by coincidence. While ...
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How To Start A Lucrative Pineapple Farming Business In Nigeria: The Complete Guide

Pineapples are one of the most consumed fruits in the world and amount to around 20% of the world’s production ...
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How A South African Farm Boy Built A Famous Multi-Billion Dollar Conglomerate

Tweet Email Tweet Email Success Story Of Koos Bekker – Founder Of Naspers Every entrepreneur is on a unique journey ...
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What To Do If An International Buyer Won’t Pay For The Commodities You Exported To Them

Tweet Email Tweet Email 4 Things To Do If An Importer Won’t Pay For Goods You Exported To Them | ...
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How To Start A Lucrative Castor Farming Business In Nigeria: The Complete Guide

Tweet Email Tweet Email How To Start Castor Farming In Nigeria Or Africa: Complete Guide The Castor bean plant is ...
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10 Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Shattering the Glass Ceiling

These female founders are transcending invisible barriers and inspiring others to follow their path ...
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The Entrepreneur’s Playbook Always Shifts

The founder of Würkin Stiffs, a magnetic collar stays company, talks about turning his invention into a growing business ...
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How to Start Building Your Dream Career On Your Own

And why you can't wait for someone to "discover" you ...
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Starting a Digital Business? Here Are Common Pitfalls to Avoid

A three-step plan for setting off in the right direction ...
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Free Webinar: How to Find Mentors and Advisors

Watch Silicon Valley CEO coach and host of 'The B-suite' leadership podcast Barbara Shannon discuss how to find the right ...
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